Dear Incoming Students,

Welcome on board!

On this link are available instructions to follow upon arrival:

Please read them carefully and proceed accordingly.

Welcome Week/Orientation Day: Postponed for the week from 13/02/23 to 19/02/23. Info for both events will be sent out by ESN NTUA.

Courses/Registration/Student Card: information about the courses (timetable, language of instruction, location of classrooms,/amphitheaters, contact data of the professors, location of their office) are available at the Secretaries of the Schools. Your buddy can assist you in applying for the Student Card (PASO in Greek).

Contacting the Secretaries and the Erasmus+ Coordinators: Go to  > Course Description – ECTS, then click on the name of each School, a card with the contact data of the Secretary and the Erasmus+ Coordinator will appear, the links with the course description as well.

Buddy System / Accommodation: You can apply for a buddy through our ESN team on FB or Instagram / ESN NTUA, or by sending an email at . Volunteer students can also assist you in finding accommodation – same mode of contact.

Greek Language Course: the course will start at the beginning of the semester. All incoming students will be contacted by the Professors of the course for the schedule.

ESN NTUA: volunteer students will be available to assist you with all aspects of your studies at your NTUA throughout your stay with us.

Enjoy your semester at NTUA!

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