Application procedure

KA 103

    STEP  1 - Nomination
As soon as the selection of Erasmus+ candidates is completed by partner universities, the International Office should send to Mrs SKORDALAKI Eleftheria  (, a separate email for each one of them, containing the student’s profile:   

  • First Name, Last Name,
  • Email address,
  • Full Father’s Name,
  • Birth Date,
  • Home School,
  • Receiving School, 
  • Level of Studies at home University,
  • Number of Year of Studies completed at Home University,
  • Semester of inscription at N.T.U.A.- Full Year / Winter Semester / Spring Semester.

European Educational Programmes Office will contact the students within 24 hrs about the required paperwork.

    STEP 2 – Required paperwork
Erasmus+ candidates will receive by email the “Application Package 2017 - 2018” and the “Learning Agreement 2017 - 2018” with instructions how to fill them in.
 They should return by email the application documents officially signed and stamped where needed, together with:

  • an official “Transcript of Records” with the grading scale   in English, 
  • a “CV”, 
  • an English Language Certificate, 
  • 4  passport size photos.

Students should bring the hard copies of the documentation upon arrival.

    STEP 3 – Acceptance – Accommodation - Visa
Within one month’s delay candidates will be informed by email about the outcome of their application.
They will receive by email and by post:

  • a “Letter of Acceptance”, officially signed and stamped,
  • the “Learning Agreement”, officially signed and stamped, with possible changes, 
  • the Academic Calendar and the date they are expected at NTUA.

At the same time the Housing Team of European Educational Programmes Office will contact accepted students about offering them assistance in finding accommodation: apartments in offer are near a metro and/or bus station, at a cost of 300 euros approximately, all expenses included (electricity/water/charges/WiFi connection).

Guide for National Visa & Residence Permit:
ESN NTUA members acompany incoming Erasmus+ students to Public Services involved in the procedure of applying for  / renewing a visa.

    STEP 4 – Orientation Day
One month prior to their arrival, foreign students will receive information by email about the “Orientation Day”: 

  • The place, date, and hour of the appointment,
  • The schedule,
  • Instructions about getting to Zografou Campus,
  • A Zografou Campus Map.

We remind our incoming students that participation in the Orientation Day is mandatory, as will take place all administrative procedures, such as registration, library card, meals card, as well as a tour of the campus. 
In case an Erasmus+ student cannot keep up with the Orientation Day, there is always the possibility to register another day, but not later than two weeks from the beginning of the courses, with his/her buddy. 
Erasmus students should apply for a buddy at the following link:  
Application for a buddy is MANDATORY!

    STEP 5 – Departure
Within 5 weeks from the end of the examination period our colleagues in the International Offices will receive by email and by post the “After the Mobility” section of the “Learning Agreement” officially signed and stamped.
All departure documents are sent to partner universities and not to students.
VERY IMPORTANT: School of Architecture

Incoming students to the School of Architecture should contact Mrs Eleftheria VAROUHAKI about the application procedure and academic info:
Ms. Eleftheria Varouhaki 
Erasmus/Socrates office, Patision 42 Athens, Tositsa building, 5th floor, 
tel. (+)30 210 772 3834 
fax : (+)30 210 772 3873 
URL : 

Join our ESN NTUA team on: