It is with great Pleasure that we welcome all our foreign newcomers, students, teaching and research collaborators, and professional friends of the National Technical University of Athens [NTUA]. It’s generally acknowledged that NTUA is the leading educational institution for engineering and applied sciences and has a great role in the development in Greece. We are confident that the scientific, technological and socio – political information you will receive in this webpage will be proved useful. It contains all essential details about the NTUA – its history, its structure and organization, the schools and sections covering the various courses of study and research activities, as well as the application procedure for incoming LLP/Erasmus students.

NTUA was founded in 1837, at about the same time as the modern Greek State, just after the War of Greece for Independence of 1821 – 1828. It consists of nine Academic Schools. Eight of them deal with pure Engineering Sciences including Architecture, and one with Applied Mathematics and Physics. In each School a five-year studies program, with 300 credit units, leads to a Diploma equivalent to a Master in Engineering or Science.
The role that NTUA plays during the last 160 years in the development and progress of the country has undoubtedly been one of utmost importance and has been widely recognized. Graduates of NTUA with a strong background in Science and Technology and a Diploma equivalent to the Masters of the best Aglo-saxon Universities have been prominent members of the society, both in the academic field as well as the civil service and private business. An important number of our graduates are well known and honored “ambassadors” of Greece in many distinguished Universities and engineering companies all over the world.
Our first priority is to keep abreast of modern developments in Science and Technology, within the context of a modern democratic society. Important research achievements and new methods of approaching problems and teaching are constantly being followed by our 3.000 permanent members (academic and administrative staff) and 15.000 students. In addition to the provision of more knowledge, due importance is given to the skills of communication and management, which are so essential in the highly competitive nature of all leading activities, everywhere.
Above all, the aim of this historical University of Sciences and Technology is to contribute to a successful development of the collective and the individual infrastructure, by improving the quality if life in every aspect – cultural, social and professional.
Choosing “Prometheus bringing the fire from the Gods to the mankind”, as its symbol, NTUA never loses sight of the real human needs and dimensions.
You are welcome to our NTUA family.

NTUA consists of Schools. Each School is further divided into Sections. Today, there exists 9 Schools with a total of 42 Departments, dealing with specific scientific fields in each School and fostering teaching and research. The names of the Schools and Departments were decided by the Senate in February 2002:

School of Civil Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
School of Architecture
School of Chemical Engineering
School of Rural & Surveying Engineering
School of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering
School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
School of Applied Mathematical & Physical Sciences

The Erasmus programme first began in 1987, and became the leader in student’s participation. Under Erasmus, students can complete a course of studies in technical universities inside and outside the EU with which NTUA has the appropriate agreement. Periods abroad range from three months to one academic year, with guaranteed recognition of studies.

European Educational Programmes Office is located at the Administration Building, Department of studies, on the 1st floor, room 106.
It assists incoming students in applying for the student card (which gives them 50% reduction at all public means of transportation for the monthly card and separate tickets), the meals card at the campus restaurant, Greek language courses, finding accommodation, buddy service during their studies at N.T.U.A. and full administrative support.
We invite our incoming students to check out our web site about the application procedure, academic information and life at NTUA.


European Educational Programmes Office - Mrs Eleftheria SKORDALAKI
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
Department of Studies
Administration Building – 1st Floor – Room 106
Zografou Campus
9, Heroon Polytechneiou Str.
157 80 Athens – Greece

Tel.: (+) 30 210 772 4172
Fax: (+) 30 210 772 1949
Email: eeskorda@central.ntua.gr

Opening hours:
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri, 08:30-12:00, Wed: closed for the public

SWITCHBOARD: (+) 30 210 772 1000

URL: www.ntua.gr

The telephone numbers of all Schools, Departments, Laboratories, Secretariats and other services at NTUA, including those of School Members and other university employees, are listed in a special “NTUA Telephone Directory” available here